At Devon Business & Education Centre, we are partnered with some of the most accomplished business consultancy capability in the South West who are able to provide consulting, coaching and training to businesses of all sizes and aspiration.  

Through South West Growth Service, which is based at the Centre, businesses are supported to grow rapidly through ensuring their strategies achieve aligned activities across sales and marketing, operations, finances and human resources. 

In addition, through Lorimer Consulting and the 373 Group there are an enormous range of business experts who can support new and longstanding businesses, whatever their requirements.

Other services are also available to businesses including:

  • Facilitation.  Supporting business partners to find common ground to achieve the business' aims.
  • Mentoring,  Supporting new managers and Directors to achieve their potential.
  • Start-up support. Intense support to help new businesses navigate the early stages of business growth.
  • Networking. Providing exceptional opportunities to develop new customer and partner relationships. 


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Using the power of emotions in times of change
13th January @ 10:00am
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We all hear about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and in business, an environment where employees suffer from unpleasant emotions can be unproductive and unwelcoming.  At worst, it can be destructive.

In this event, Rich Byatt and Chris Lorimer, accredited Emotionasl Logic coaches, help attendees understand how:

- Mental health impacts upon their organisation

- Unpleasant emotions can be used in a postive way for those experiencing shock, guilt, anger or depression 

- The organisational environment can be a positive environment during times of change.

In this one day workshop, delegates will learn the potential impact of Emotional Logic in their workplace and how it can be used to support staff going through emotional turmoil.


This one day course will help delegates understand how the Emotional Logic approach can be used to support staff within the workplace.

The course will use case studies, role plays and kinaesthetic learning approaches to help develop a firm understanding of how Emotional Logic works. 

This course is ideal for those considering whether to become an Emotional Logic coach.

This one day course is led by Emotional Logic Trainers, Rich Byatt and Chris Lorimer.

Emotional Logic was developed in the 1990s by a Devon GP.  Over the following decades, he developed an approach that has been proved to be a highly effective way for individuals to use their emotions in a positive way, supporting their recovery.  The approach is now used globally and is achieving much interest in the treatment of mental health issues, especially in the UK.

Lunch is included - please provide dietary requirements

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Core Sales Skills
22nd January @ 9:00am
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This programme is ideal for all sales professionals, whether you are just starting out on your sales career or you are an experienced sales professional wanting to refresh your skills and learn new sales techniques.  The course is ideal for any business to business sales people and also in business to consumer environments where advising customers on their choices is an essential part of the customer interaction.


As a result of attending this programme, you will understand how to:


Fully understand and implement a robust and proven sales process.

Generate greater trust from customers, leading to more open conversations and collaborative selling.

Present your product or service in such a way that the customer sees purchasing as the logical choice.

Effectively overcome objections and close more sales.


Delegates have reported a tangible and valuable return on their investment in increased sales.  Motivation and Inspiration are built into this programme! Attendees will come away energised and driven to implement their new skills and start earning more profit!


This is an intensive, one day programme designed to give delegates core knowledge and understanding of the whole sales process, along with confidence and skills to help them set clear, achievable goals within their own sales role. With a combination of classroom theory and practical interactive tasks, delegates can gain insight into how to turn enquires in to profit with a proven, effective method.


Core components:


- Understanding Sales Measurement

- Sales Motivation

- The Full Sales Process, comprising:

  • Meet and Greet - Creating relationship and trust. Setting up the foundations for the sale.
  • Qualification and Need Analysis - Understanding your customer's needs, wants and desires.
  • Presentation - Effective presentation of your product or service, in line with the customer's needs.
  • Trial Close - Gaining commitment and understanding.
  • Negotiation - Price presentation and creating a win/win price agreement.
  • Close - Creating the environment in which the customer can say 'yes'.
  • Overcoming Objections - Objection prevention and handling strategies.


The delegate will create an action plan for the implementation of their new skills and techniques at the end of the course. This plan will be shared with their management, to ensure an effective follow up of the programme is completed.



This course is delivered by Suretrain Sales Training.

Previous delegates have said:

"We sent experienced account managers on this sales training course. All returned with positive feedback and are applying new methodologies to their client base. We will be using them again when a customer facing sales course is required." - JC, Devondale LTD

"Being relatively new to sales, the course has taught me a lot in regards to how to have and informative discussion in order to accommodate my clients' needs." - HG, IMSM

"Richard delivered this course for our experienced sales team. During the following 4 months, our average invoice value per unit went up by 23.39% and our unit sales increased by 8.69%, all compared to our results from the previous 12 months." - RW, Clarity Copiers

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Essential Coaching Skills
4th February @ 9:00am
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This course runs on 4th and 5th February 2020 with a half day review on March 3rd 2020. 

Two key reasons people leave their jobs are because they feel unsupported or not listened to.

However, many managers and team leaders feel that they are constantly having to supervise and guide team members whilst feeling they barely have time to do their own jobs.

Developing good coaching skills can really help you enable your team members to become more confident to undertake their work with less supervision.

This creates more open and productive communication with team members, allowing you to focus on more organisational and strategic tasks.

This 2 day workshop will focus on developing and using effective coaching skills in your environment, It will be followed about 4 weeks later with a ½ day Action Clinic to review progress and discuss some of the more challenging situations you have faced.

This interactive and engaging programme will enable participants to:

  • Explain the role and importance of effective coaching skills in empowering team members to work independently
  • Identify situations where coaching skills could be used appropriately
  • Engage colleagues in supportive and productive coaching conversations
  • Describe and demonstrate key effective coaching skills for a work context
  • Encourage colleagues to share and apply best practice behaviours

 Some examples from previous programmes of how coaching skills have been used:-

  • "I used coaching skills to help a team member explore the potential consequences of the choices they were about to make"
  • " I've been able to help team members by reinforcing confidence and tackling low self-esteem"
  • "I feel that I can improve my skills to empower my staff and support their needs"

With over 30 years of experience of working in a wide variety of learning environments, Miranda Salmon is dedicated to making learning enjoyable and relevant. 

This 2 day workshop will focus on developing and using effective coaching skills in your environment, It will be followed about 4 weeks later with a 1 day Action Clinic to review progress and discuss some of the more challenging situations you have faced. 

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