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Connecting with others is a skill that once learnt can be instrumental in opening up new opportunities, helping individuals and organisations to develop and grow.

At Devon Business & Education Centre, we want to provide opportunities for new and experienced business people and educators to expand their networks and make new contacts.  In the inspiring location of DBEC, networking is informal, engaging and value driven.

One of our Partners is the 373 Group a business networking group that was founded by Tom Hope and Chris Lorimer with a view to help local businesses become successful through "friendship, collaboration and knowledge".

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The future of digital communication - how to connect in a noisy world!
26th September @ 7:00pm
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It's noisy out there - so how do you get your clients' attention?  With technological capabilities accelerating at breakneck speed what are those digital breakthroughs to look for? How can you make sure your marketing strategy places you above the opposition?  Do you really need to be on a zillion different social media platforms? 

The friendliest networking group in the SW, the 373 Group, is delighted to feature AB Multimedia's Head of Digital Marketing, Sarah Gill, who will spell out what trends are hitting the digital realm, and which ones to take notice of. Sarah will demystify and draw you in to a world that will impact on most of our businesses.

In addition, there will be copious quantities of fun, engagement and networking at the award winning Devon Business & Education Centre.  Refreshments provided.

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Developing a Performance Climate in Your Organisation
1st October @ 9:00am
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Whatever your organisation, whatever its purpose, achieving high performance can often seem like a far-off illusion.  The challenge for leaders to mould a climate for success can feel complex with a cocktail of factors to consider.  

In this two hour event, facilitated and led by South West Growth Service, we will explore how organisations can develop exceptional teams across their organisations.  The event will be underpinned by the detailed research that Performance Climate System have accumulated that can help identify why a team can be a hit or a miss.

This event will feature Air Marketing Group who are an award winning outsourced B2B telemarketing company.  Managing Director, Owen Richards, will explain how the company has managed to achieve exceptional growth through building a great business climate.

Refreshments will be provided and there will be opportuities for networking.

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Creating a sustainable retail future
24th October @ 7:00pm
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In the midst of a climate change disaster, massive demographic shifts, technological upheavals, as well as economic uncertainty, is it any wonder that our retail spaces are struggling? 

Not all, however.  Some are leading the way to developing an eco-friendly altenrnative to overconsumption and leading the field in the South West is multi-award winning Nourish Zero Waste.   In this 373 Group event, founder Sarah Martin will set out how the future of retail can be packaging free and sustainable.

This event at the region's most sustainable venue, will include exceptional networking and delightful, locally procured, refreshments.

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The Dark Arts of Sales
28th November @ 7:00pm
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"He's a natural salesman!"

"High in confidence, usually misplaced - she should be in sales"

Too often sales people are tarred with the "sales" brush, pidgeon-holed as shallow, inauthentic, even dishonest!  But what's the truth?  In this 373 Group event, sales expert Richard Palmer of Suretrain Sales Training exposes the myths and explores what it takes to win new clients consistently.

This event is open to all and is ideal for anyone new to the SW or who is looking to establish new contacts and develop new skills. 

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