Connecting with others is a skill that once learnt can be instrumental in opening up new opportunities, helping individuals and organisations to develop and grow.

At Devon Business & Education Centre, we want to provide opportunities for new and experienced business people and educators to expand their networks and make new contacts.  In the inspiring location of DBEC, networking is informal, engaging and value driven.

One of our Partners is the 373 Group a business networking group that was founded by Tom Hope and Chris Lorimer with a view to help local businesses become successful through "friendship, collaboration and knowledge".

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The Truth about Money
19th April @ 6:00pm
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"The truth about money - how to live your ideal life without money worries"


This engaging and thought provoking event is for couples or individuals who are considering the next phase of their lives but not necessarily thought deeply how they will achieve this.  


In a relaxed environment, with canapes and prosecco, this event is led by Chartered & Certified Financial Planner, Andrew Neligan.


The presentation will give you the truth about money, clear up misleading myths and give you actions to take to ensure you control your money, not the other way around. It will avoid financial jargon and boring technical information making sure that you leave engaged with your money and clear on its purpose.


Attendees of similar events have described it as “refreshing” and “not like those other financial presentations”.

Will I Have Enough? What you need to know to make sure you have enough to live your ideal lifestyle, for the rest of your life without money worries.?


As a someone who has worked hard all their career, it is possible that you spend the majority of your time at work, thinking about work or living in the moment and very little time preparing for your next phase of life.


The danger is that you will get to a time when you want or need to stop working but can?t afford to. Or, worse, you discover you worked longer than you needed to because you incorrectly assumed you couldn?t afford to stop and missed years of freedom and opportunity.


During this interactive and engaging session, Chartered & Certified Financial Planner, Andrew Neligan, will help you understand:

what you need to know about money and your wealth,

  • what actions you can take to make sure you have enough money to live the lifestyle you want, for the rest of your life.
  • how you can work out how much money is enough for you and your unique situation.
  • the 5 aspects of a successful retirement (money is only one part)


The result is control, freedom and financial security.


Andrew Neligan is a Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner who set up Neligan Financial to help his clients plan for the next stage of their lives. Andrew lives in Devon with his wife, Carol, and son, Edward.  

For more information about Neligan Financial Ltd go to

Canapes and prosecco included! 

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TEDxExeter Livestream Event
20th April @ 9:00am
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TEDxExeter 2018: Connect

Livestreaming Event at Devon Business & Education Centre

Exeter’s local ideas festival with global reach

A day of inspiring talks, connection and action

Friday 20 April 2018, the Northcott Theatre, the Alumni Auditorium and online

We’re living in an age of polarity where many communities are feeling more and more divided and the consequent insecurities are evident in so many areas of modern life.
Then there’s the paradox of digital hyperconnectivity – we can be ‘connected’ 24/7 yet loneliness is endemic.
All of this against a backdrop of increasingly populist politics which rather than seeking to bridge these polarities, risk dividing us even further.
But, as Jo Cox MP said in her maiden speech to Parliament, ‘We are far more united than the things that divide us.’
So this year we have chosen to focus on making connections and building bridges.

For details of speakers go to

Refreshments will be provided - although please bring something to share with others!

Entrance free.

Suitable for those aged 12+ 



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Creating your SW destination through Airbnb
26th April @ 7:00pm
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The 373 Group, probably the friendliest business networking group in the SW, is delighted to host this event that will help those of us who are looking to get more value from their land and properties.

Airbnb is a modern phenomenon that boasts thousands of properties across the UK but is looking to expand its presence in the SW.  Richard Curtis, Host Support Manager of airsw, has the job of attracting new venues to the airbnb portfolio, working with local property owners to bring them on board. Whether you have a yurt, treehouse, shed, hut, spare room, annex, attic or a castle, Richard will be more than interested to guide you through the myths and realities of making your property pay.

In addition, this event will combine the relaxed networking, great refreshments and friendly company, plus many more ideas to boost your property's popularity.

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