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How to make your Awayday one to remember (and for all the right reasons!)

Be honest, how do you feel when your manager tells you that you are all going on a team awayday?  Joy, trepidation, intrigue, anxiousness, horror?

Depending on your viewpoint, you might feel any of the above emotions or many others.  The thing is - awaydays aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Being whisked away from a known location, being required to be different, think differently, dress differently might propel some into the realms of panic.

So how can you make an awayday a useful, potentially game changing, experience for your business that brings your team together? 

Here are nine top tips to make the day go well – all easily achievable!

  1. Plan.   Ensure someone has the job of planning the day – don’t leave it to chance or even worse don’t leave it entirely to an outside organisation to do this for you – they won’t fully appreciate the subtleties of your organisation.
  2. Purpose.  Be clear on why you are having the awayday.  A new location away from the office can be an invigorating place to think differently and creatively, develop new skills and build new relationships.
  3. Be clear.   People need to know where it is being held (a precise location) and how they can get there.  Tell them why you are having it, what will be involved, what they should bring and what they should wear!  Cover all the bases.
  4. People.  Be inclusive and make sure you invite all the right people – being left out can feel awful.  Even if the right people are away from work, offer them the opportunity to attend...the thought does count.
  5. The Venue. This is key.  You have a chance to impress and show how much you care – don’t opt for a budget option.  Consider whether it can be reached conveniently?  Will it be quiet and confidential?  Will it reflect the values you are trying to encourage?  Visit it in advance and make sure the venue understand what you are trying to achieve.
  6. Introductions.  Encourage them to get to know each other – by doing this they will be able to communicate more effectively. 
  7. The agenda.  Don’t try and cram too much in – less really is more!  Better to have time to look at issues in depth rather than numerous issues at surface level.  Make sure your agenda is varied – too much of the same can be very dull.
  8. Refreshments.  A lot can be forgiven if the refreshments are great and the lunch is fantastic.  An army marches on its stomach ..and so will your team.
  9. Activities.  Just because you fancy paintballing, go karting, or wild swimming – doesn’t mean all your team will be!  Find something that will bring them together not push them apart.  


Devon Business & Education Centre is developing an excellent reputation for hosting tranquil awaydays for South West organisations looking to get away without having to travel miles.  With fantastic facilities, beautiful views, superb hospitality and delicious local refreshments, teams can come together to be productive.  To find out more contact [email protected] or ring 01884 220150

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