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Journey to hope in these times of isolation

In these unprecedented, and let's face it, scary times, the isolation of lockdown can feel like a prison for some and a welcome break for others.  Our reactions will be unique to us and will be a reflection of what we value and care about most, nuanced by the unique network of relationships that only we have.

People we know will be experiencing extreme feelings of shock - anxiety, numbness, paralysis, even palpable fear...but what can we do to help them?  

Accredited Emotional Logic coach, Chris Lorimer of Devon Business & Education Centre is delighted to be offering free support over a fortnight to help build greater resilience in these times of massive change.  The course, developed by the Emotional Logic Centre Charity has been actively used in healthcare, education and business settings.  Delegates will receive daily PDF or JPEG posts for two weeks (each only one side of A4), be able to chat with others constructively about unpleasant emotions as you learn their useful purposes, and find new ways to move on in life if you’ve been feeling stuck. 

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