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Protect yourself through working remotely

There are very few positives that have emerged from the initial surge of Coronovirus (COVID-19) and we like many are very concerned about the impact on vulnerable friends and relatives.  However, if there is one slight glimmer of silver on the dark clouds, it might be that businesses and organisations start to take the possibility of working remotely seriously.

Hitherto, working remotely has been viewed by the majority of employers as the reluctantly offered alternative for high quality staff who can "just about" be trusted to decent days work without resorting to adopting the horizontal infront of daytime telly.  Hardly ever offered as standard and even then only where there the employer has good evidence that the employee will not take the micky.

Research though suggests that "remote workers" are more dedicated, more productive, more engaged and, of course, better value for money than your average employee. Self-reliant and self motivated, they consume no resources, do not take-up costly work space and do not ask for travel allowance. Typically, they are less likely to move to another employer and are low maintenance for managers.  

So the battle to combat COVID-19 through avoiding unnnecessary contact and enforced self-isolation if need be, could be the trigger that helps businesses and employees cconsider their workplace choices.  It could be the time when we realise that presenteeism does not equate to productivity.  My advice to employees? Ask for the opportunity to work remotely and start to realise how it works for you.

At Devon Business & Education Centre, our remote workers enjoy the opportunity to be productive but not on their own.  They enjoy the opportunity to work the hours that suit them at optimal effectiveness - no distractions, no commuting, no politics, no fuss.  If you want to trial some time here to see how it works for you - get in touch at [email protected]


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