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Venues across the globe are considering their next steps to reopening in the new normal.  Naturally eager to open but not at the expense of increasing the rate of infection of COVID-19, there are some important factors that all remote working spaces need to consider.  Here at DBEC, we feel we have a responsibility to open safely and have taken the following steps that will ensure all our visitors feel safe and confident.

  1. Identify the risks.  Completing a risk assessment is a must to ensure you have addressed all risks for your visitors - we have found this process has helped identify issues that would not normally consider. Making the risk assessment widely available with visitors provides greater confidence.
  2. A clean environment.  After a deep clean and upgraded cleaning routines, we have removed unnecessary germ traps, soft funishings and and instituted a clean desk protocol, providing the user of the space with appropriate cleaning materials to ensure they take responsibility for the area.  Copious quantities of fresh air, open space and no central heating ensures our spaces are bright, breezy and clean. 
  3. A private and confidential space.  With social distancing requirements front of mind, we are restricting the numbers who can visit and ensuring that they adhere to the space norms that will make contamination possible.   We have also developed additional outdoor spaces to help visitors make the most of the outstanding scenery and views - "open spaces, open minds" is our catchphrase.  In beautiful spaces, the stress hormone cortisol diminuishes markedly and creativity increases. 
  4. Reliable and stable internet.  In rural areas, we have invested significantly to ensure that the internet connections is the best it can be.  More so now than ever, connection virtually requires a fast and stable internet. 
  5. Onboarding and communication.  All visitors and users need to be taken through the newly defined requirements so that they are aware their responsibilities.  Not knowing is no excuse!
  6. Health and wellbeing.  Being clear about what support is available for those that are physically unwell (and you need to ensure they have the right PPE in situ) is crucial but, as importantly, at DBEC we have an expertise in providing support where visitors are struggling with their mental health. 
  7. Responsiveness.  At DBEC, we are clear that it is our responsibility to be available for the wider community but only through providing a safe and engaging space. This can be achieved in the new context through adaptability and a speedy response to the fast-moving situation. Here at DBEC, we are able to respond immediately to all circumstances.


Work spaces are not just places, they are critical contributors to how we think and how effective we are.  The best spaces are beautiful, functional and help people connect.  We think DBEC is one of these spaces.

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