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Most of us stumble into self-employment - unexpectedly waking up to find we have to consider customers, cashflow, and marketing.  Before long we realise we have staff and wider commitments - all too quickly what started as fun has turned into a chore.

However, whether your business has just started up, is a year old or, even, you are wanting the confidence to launch it - then a little time out can be essential to make sure your progress is swift, efficient and enjoyable.

The Start-Up Success Seminar is designed to help all businesses of all shapes and ambitions get off to the right start. At the day long event, held in the sanctuary of the picturesque Devon Business & Education Centre, delegates will enjoy an uninterrupted and focused assessment of their business, helping them to achieve their ambitions.  The seminar is led by Chris Lorimer of Lorimer Consulting with input from a range of experts.

Attendees will gain insights on:

  • Developing your business strategy - getting a plan in place.
  • Getting the basics in place - finance and operations can not be ignored!
  • The right approach for marketing and sales - unique to your business.
  • Keeping the business performance on track - but not through sacrificing your lifestyle or sanity!

To find out more contact Chris at [email protected] or book now at any of the scheduled dates (September 2017, November 2017  and January 2018).





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