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7th April @ 2:00pm
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Are you feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted?

Perhaps you feel unappreciated, overwhelmed or unable to meet constant demands, as if nothing you do makes a difference. Most of us have occasional days when we feel like this but if you are feeling this way most days, you may be suffering from burnout or compassion fatigue. 

Karen Scott-Boyd offers a four week course incorporating mindful living, restorative communications and reflective practices to lead you on a journey of discovery about the well-spring of vitality within you and what may be preventing you from accessing it.  This programme incorporates a practical combination of neuroscience, mindfulness-based practices and restorative communication skills.

Over 4 sessions, Karen will incorporate a practical combination of neuroscience, mindfulness-based practices and restorative communication skills, as well as a blend of qualifications and experience.  Key themes covered include:

  1. What burnout is and how to manage and possibly prevent it.
  2. Our emotional relationship with money, how it creates stress and how to transcend that.
  3. The three step formula for building wealth, why for some it doesn?t work and how to change our perception.
  4. Restorative communications for defusing relationship tension.
  5. The art & science of self-compassion and its transformative power.
  6. The art of mindful living, incorporating mindful eating and mindful movement.
  7. Three meditation techniques that even beginners can master.
  8. An understanding of mindfulness and contemplative traditions in Eastern & Western mystical traditions.
  9. Daily tips for living with less stress
  10. Simple stress-reduction techniques to use in the home, workplace or school.

The course offers you the potential for relieving stress, finding greater clarity about your motivation for work and life, then gaining the skills for navigating life more confidently by tapping into a more sustainable source of energy. The course also introduces you to mindfulness which is gaining greater recognition in the field of health and wellbeing. Mindfulness-based wellbeing begins with a foundation of self-compassion which may enable self-care, ensuring our own reserves are maintained as we give to others.

Karen Scott-Boyd holds a Bachelor of Communications & Cultural Studies; PG Cert Mindfulness Studies and is undertaking a Master of Science in Restorative Practices. Perhaps though, the thing that most qualifies Karen to offer this course is her personal journey from compassion fatigue and burnout to peace and vitality. More about Karen here:

This programme runs on each Saturday afternoon 2-5pm in April - April 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

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