Coaching Award in Emotional Logic
10th February @ 9:00am
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5 Day course

Monday February 10th, Tuesday 11th February, Monday 9th March, Tuesday 10th March and Monday 4th May 2020

Organisational and individual resilience has never been under more pressure with competing stresses and strains, limited resources and increasing expectations.  The impact on organisations has been palpable, directly reflected in increased staff turover, ineffective communication and low productivity.  Despite this context, businesses have often struggled to support the wellbeing and mental health of staff in a sustainable way.

There is a solution.  Emotional Logic is a lifelong learning, ‘home-or-workplace’ conversational skill. It can help people of all ages to understand how unpleasant loss emotions have useful purposes when seen as part of an integrated process of adjusting to change.   It is not counselling or therapy, but can help individuals and organisations address deep-seated and unproductive emotional situations.  In this 5 day course, Emotional Logic equips coaches with the capability to facilitate individual and group discussions, initiate and support dialogue across organisations, embed EL tools, language and frameworks and impart practical life long learning skills.


"This is a game changer for business and lifestyle coaches, leaders and HR staff" Business Director and Coach


Five days are distributed in a 2:2:1 pattern with significant space between contact days, to allow for personal practice, learning and reflection.


The course is highly practical in nature. Delegates will be equipped and encouraged to experiment with new understanding in their workplaces, homes and other networks. Workshops will be very interactive. Opportunity will be provided for 1:1 discussion time with an EL trained tutor in between workshop dates for personal issues arising. Trainees will become adept around the safe coaching model, three phases of an EL creative conversation, and working with individuals and small groups.


This course is led by Emotional Logic Trainers, Rich Byatt and Chris Lorimer.


Emotional Logic has been developed over 30 years research in medical setting and is underpinned  by proven theories (grieving and emotional chaos theory)  and has been successfully applied in multiple cultures and settings.


EL capability can be learnt and delivered by staff and coaches after only  short training and the approach can be widely adopted across organisations and wider networks.  It is fast acting and safe and can lead into "Train the trainer" courses and EL Organisational accreditation. 


All delegates receive a  comprehensive EL Coaching Handbook and access to a wide range of online resources. 

Lunch and refreshments are included - please provide your dietary requirments.

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